Lesson 2

Roles of Mayors, Governors, and Presidents

Day 2:

Content Area: Social Studies

Grade: 2

Unit: Our Government

3 Column Chart:

Topic  Roles and Jobs of Mayors, Governors, and President
New York State Learning Standard
New York State Key Ideas Compare the roles of public officials, including mayor, governor, and President.
New York State Performance Indicator Identify ways that public officials are selected, including election and appointment to office.
Core People in rural, urban, and suburban communities develop rules and laws to govern and protect community members.

Our local communities have elected and appointed leaders who make, enforce, and interpret rules and laws.

Objective Students will develop a 3 column chart in which they will compare the roles of government: mayor, governor, and president.  Students will comprehend the difference in each elected role and what they do for the city, state, or country.
Concept / Theme
  •  Decision Making
  • Government
  • Citizenship and Civic Life
Lesson Plan
  1. Students will read/follow along with pages 242-243 in their text.
  2. Students will engage in conversation about leaders and leadership.  What makes a good leader and examples of leaders in their own second grade lives.
  3. Students will be introduced the vocabulary words: mayor, governor, and President.  Those words will be added to the classroom Alphabox visual hung in the room (see lesson 1)
  4. Students will  learn who the mayor of Buffalo is, who the governor of NY is, and who the President of the US is.  They will see visuals on the SmartBoard and view a minute speech of each.  Children will then engage in a classroom conversation of how those three display attributes of a good leader.
  5. Students will receive the cut-outs required (see above) to create a 3 column chart depicting the 3 roles.  Students will write the roles and attributes of a mayor, governor, and president.



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